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Evil Eye SpiRitual Bath

Evil Eye SpiRitual Bath

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Evil Eye Spiritual Bath 

A Powerful Spiritual Aid When You Need To Cleanse And Remove Negative Energies, Heaviness And Spiritual Baggage.
Bust Up Stagnant Energy, Get Motivated By Relaxing In An Herbal Bath.

A Scoop or two Is All That Is Needed For A Relaxing Experience
A Single and effective way to remove negative energy caused by jealous and envious folk.

This will also give you a protective covering against the evil eye.

Enjoy The Delightful Aroma!

Each Batch Intentionally Created May Contain: Selenite, Epsom Salts, Raw Sugars, Honey, Activated Charcoal, Sea Salts, Essential Oils , Himalayan Salt, Crystals, Corresponding Herbs & Flowers to Aid You

*Containers vary, pictures are for reference