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Palm Oil Scented Candle - Open The Doors to Success

Palm Oil Scented Candle - Open The Doors to Success

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Brand: Indio Products

Color: Yellow,orange,green


  • Devotional Candles,Burns approx 85 hours
  • Made in USA by Quality Wax and Ingredients
  • Tall glass jar candles (6 inches tall)
  • Designed for continuous burning

Binding: Kitchen

model number: 0064-754

Details: 6" Tall (15.24cm) Orange and Green Open the Doors to Success Mystical Palm Candle This candle is consecrated in the spirit of Maria Lionza Queen of Sorte. This candle contains extracts from plants native to the mountains of Sorte. Instructions: 1) Hold the candle firmly in both hands and concentrate on your desires while getting rid of all your negative thoughts. 2) Light the candle- Once the candle is lit recite the following: "Oh great Queen Maria Lionza, today I implore of your profound kindness to help those in need; I ask you to illuminate my path at this very difficult time in my life, so that I many come across riches both spiritually and materially. Take away all the obstacles in my path and grant me the key to open the door to my happiness. Great Queen of Sote, grant me this and in me, you will find your greatest and most fervent follower. 4) Once the candle is finished burning, take the amulets and wrap them in yellow paper. Offer a candle to Maria Lionza at least twice a month until your desire has come true. Then offer a candle once a month.

Package Dimensions: 8.0 x 2.0 x 2.0 inches