Customized JuJu Box
Customized JuJu Box

Customized JuJu Box

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It can be hard to find the items you need for a ritual. Even if you have everything, you may not know what to do with them. Our Sacred juju boxes come with everything you need, as well as the instructions to complete the ritual.


Decorative Wood Box


.Filled With Everything You Need To Conjure Up A Whole Lot Of Magick


Each Box Custom Filled May Contain: Altar Cloth, Candles, Herbs, Ritual Oils, Crystals, Feather & Ritual Ink, Incense, Ritual Powder, Suggested Use (Spells) Mini NotebookTo Hold Your Personal Notes And More....


Choose From Options Or Create Your Own Customized Box!


Custom Box $95 and Up

Blessed New Year Or Happy Birthday 

Meditation Box 


Money Drawing  

Love Drawing 

Road Opener 

Beginners Wytches Box

Oil Box 

Herb Box 

Crystal Box 

Divination Box 

Pendulum Box