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Reiki Brunch 7/14/24

Reiki Brunch 7/14/24

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Live Class 7/14/24
In-Person Class held at Our Shop
Starting at $244  
Reiki Level 2 Training Reiki Brunch
We'll help you to unlock your endless potential of Healing Energy and guide you on a transformative journey towards a deeper understanding of Universal Life Force & Energy Healing.
Unleash your innate healing abilities through GypsyWombman's Reiki 2 class, where you will not only learn the fundamentals of Reiki, but also its history, effects, and countless benefits. Discover the energy centers of your body and gain the skills to perform self-treatments and offer Reiki healing to your loved ones and pets. With Reiki, anyone can tap into the power of healing, regardless of natural talent or acquired skills. No experience is necessary for this class, and upon completion, you will receive a certificate as a testament to your newfound knowledge.

  • Usui System of natural healing
    Reiki principles
    Reiki lineage
    Sacred symbols
    How to use the symbols
    How to sense the symbols vibration
    Mental and emotional treatment
    Distant healing treatment
    Quick reference
    The seven chakras
    The meridians
    Understanding energy
    Ketsueki Kokan Ho (Kekko)
Workbook, Pendulum, Brunch and  Reiki Level Certification - ALL IN ONE CLASS  

Reiki level 2 (Second Degree) is available to anyone who has already completed Reiki level 1 (First Degree).

Anyone advancing to this level should wait an appropriate length of time (usually 3 months) to ensure that attunements and lessons of their first level have been fully internalized and also ensuring the 21 day cleansing cycle has taken place.

This level is for people who wish to deepen their knowledge of Reiki, its uses.

This course consists of one further attunement which intensifies the inner healing channel, you will also learn 3 sacred symbols and their mantras. You will learn techniques for sending distant and absent healing and also special techniques for using these 3 symbols.

 Certification requirements : Evidence of 5 hands on healing treatments and 15 distant healing treatments to be carried out within 6 months.
 Antesala GypsyWombman - Reiki Master


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