Debt Erasal Candle Service Donation
Debt Erasal Candle Service Donation

Debt Erasal Candle Service Donation

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Gain MORE Stability So That You May Grow In Ways That Are In Alignment With Your AUTHENTIC Self.


****Write your Petition in the notes section during checkout

When WritingYour Petition Remember To COMMAND The ThingsThat Will Allow You To Grow, Help Others, and Keep You On Task With Your Souls Purpose. Your Intention Should Be To Give Freely Of Yourself And In Return Recieve Abundance.

We encourage you to think about your relationship with earthly possessions

I assure You it is OK for You to want more!

Let's remove those doubts, fears and obstacles with a

Special Candle Service and Meditation

ALL of those issues keeping You from moving forward and

Manifesting GREATNESS Will Be Conquered and Overthrown! 

This Service Is Focused On Debt Removal & Maintaining Wealth; Because We Need Money To Live In This World And That's OK 



Please Understand You Will Not Be Shipped Anything You Will Be Added To Our Petition For Your Donation or Have A Candle Added To The Altar In Our Ritual.

***Only 20 Spots Available Per Service and Services are Held Quarterly at the Change of Seasons***



This Is A Donation Service

 $3.33 Per Name To Be Added To The Petition


$7.77 To Have Your Own Personal Sigil Candle Lit

Takes A Little To Gain A Little