DR Blackbird’s New Orleans Style Mojo Bags - Money Drawing

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 Unfortunately, the world seems to revolve around money and the work to obtain money. 

Sometimes, we are hit with a late bill or an unsuspecting cost at a time when we don't seem to have the funds.


Money Drawing

Includes: Green Cloth Bag, Curios, Herbs, Crystals And Our Very Own Money Drawing Oil.

This is our custom made Money Drawing Mojo bag. Each Mojo bag is made to order by a Rich Wytch with herbs, stones, and essential oil blended inside for attracting money. Keep it on your person or in your pocket for you to attract money. These Babies are filled with only the finest ingredients and dedicated in a ritual.

*Anoint the cloth bag with the oil provided, repeat the chant daily and carry with you to draw in funds.


CHANT for drawing money: I now plead bring me cash to fill my need, I pray it comes to me with speed. Bring me money here this day to make my debt go away.