• Aura Cleanse HBS


    4 Ounce Glass Bottle

    Our Delightful Aura Cleanse Bath Is An Easy Way To Cleanse Your Aura Of Negative Energy. Throughout Our Day, We Come Into Contact With Many Different People And Environments. Everyone And Everything Has Its Own Energy Vibration. Some Of This Energy Has A High Frequency Or Positive Vibration, Whereas Others May Have A Very Low Or Negative Vibration. Because Our Own Energy Field Is Constantly Taking In And Giving Out Vibrations, The Surrounding Energies That We Come Into Contact With Will Affect Our Own Energy. Our Body Is Constantly Readjusting Itself To Bring Our Energy Back Into Harmony, But Sometimes The Negative Energies We Encounter Can Linger And Accumulate Over Time.


    Created By Full Moon Ritual

    Habitually Bathing In Our Herbal Bath Mineral Salts

    Will Remove Blockage & Negative Energy

    Opens You To More Prosperity

     Ability To Channel Abundance

    Success And Wealth

    Clarity Of Mind

    Peace & Tranquility

    Eye Catching Persona

    Healthy Glowing Skin

    Synchronicity With The Youniverse

    Positive Approach Toward Life


    Delightful Aroma!

     HOW TO USE:

    Simply sprinkle a few tablespoons into warm bath water, light a GypsyWombman Candle, take a deep breath, and enjoy the soothing herbal benefits of Our AroMagick Therapy.<!--/data/user/0/com.samsung.android.app.notes/files/share/clipdata_180407_203530_649.sdoc-->