Smudge It Blue Sage


4 Inch Smudge It Stick

Blue Sage

Blue Sage Is A Hardy Bush Found In The Deserts Of The Southwest. It’s Named For Its Abundant Blue Flowers, But The Leaves Also Have A Blue-Ish Cast. It Has Thin Leaves And A Fragrance That Is Both Herbaceous And Floral, Similar To Lavender.

A Close Relative Of White Sage, Blue Sage Is Also Good For Healing And Cleansing Rituals, It Welcomes Prosperity And Wealth. Its Soothing, Relaxing Smell Can Be Used To Aid Meditation, Or Burned Simply For Enjoyment. It’s Not As Pungent As White Sage, And Is More Agreeable To Some, Who Find The Strong, Bracing Scent Of White Sage Overpower