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Bless Your Space Using Our Own Spiritual Toolbox

Below Are Some Examples Of A House Blessing: Smudging, Clearing, Healing, Dance, Sound & Prayers Are Some Of The Rituals We Use For Your Personal House Blessing Ceremonies. We Have Found The Integration Of Multiple Spiritual Ideologies That Resonate With You, Is The Most Powerful Tool For A House Blessing. Also, It's Useful And Powerful To Cleanse And De-Clutter Before You Begin To Bless Any Space Or Person. A Good Clearing Of Clutter And Dust From A Home And Cleansing Of The Body Will Maximize Your Results, A Nice Salt Bath With Rosemary And Epsom Salts, Breathing Deeply In And Out A Few Times Is Useful To Clear The Mind Before You Begin As Well. Together We Will Set A Ritual That Resonates With You For Healing For Yourself Before You Begin.

Reasons For House Blessings: To Regain Strength From Grief, To Diminish Imprints Of Past Negative Events Or Relationships, To Release Anything (Specific) That No Longer Serve You. Also, Remember There Is No "Wrong" Spiritual Modality In Blessing Your Space If It Resonates With You In Honoring Yourself, Your Space And Your Ancestors.

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