Coolin Wata

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 4 Ounce Spray 

The Idea Of Coolin Wata Is Derived From The Water Used By Blacksmiths For The Purpose Of Cooling The Metal They Have Fired, And Therefore It Is Used For Cooling Tempers.

 Use It On Yourself Simply By Splashing Some On Your Brow When Feeling Hot Headed.

Use It To Bring Peace To Your Space

To Cause Calm In Someone Else, Find A Nail And Name It For That Person, Then Heat It Over A Flame Until Its Tip Turns Red, And Drop It Into The Water Saying Three Times "[So And So] Is Cooled By This Water." Find A Patch Of Soft Land, Preferably Outside Your Own Front Door, And At Sunrise Bury The Nail, Then Pour The Water Over It. When Next You See This Person Let Your First Words Be Positive And Complimentary.