XL Desert Rose Selenite

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Sometimes Called The Sand Rose, Selenite Rose Or Gypsum Rose. It Is A Form Of Gypsum That, When Sand Particles Become Embedded In It, Forms Rosette-Like Concretions. They Are Found In Arid, Desert Regions, Hence Their Name.

Desert Roses Are Said To Contain A Spirit Guardian, And Each One Is Different. Because Of This, They Are Useful As Protective Talismans And Can Increase Your Own Self-Confidence And Self-Worth. Those Who Are Timid Or Shy, But Have Latent Talents, Can Benefit From A Desert Rose. This Is Especially True For Children/Teens.


Use Desert Rose To Increase Creativity As Well As Psychic Abilities. If You Suffer From Phobias, Especially Claustrophobia, Keep A Desert Rose Handy For Its Calming Effects. It Can Help One To Deal With Grief And To Let Go Of Those Things/Emotions That Have Been Keeping You From Living Your Best Life.


Physically, Desert Rose Can Help With Travel Sickness, Viral Infections, Nausea And Disorders Associated With The Prostate.