• Sweet Pot

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    Each Sweet Pot contains the specific ingredients for completing your Affirmation.

    Jars Have Been Used For Decades To Focus Energy On One Individual Task. These Jars Will Make That Individual "Sweet" On You, To Bring You Love Or Favor. Let It Be For A Lover, A Hope To Be Lover, A Boss At A Workplace Or An Individual You Hope To Win Over For Whatever Reason.  Sweet Pots Have Traditionally Been Created By Our Elders In Hoodoo To Sweeten A Situation And Bring Prosperity In The Clients Life, Whether It Be Love, Money, Work Or Court Case. This Jar Is Used To Influence The Energy Surrounding Your Situation And Bring Sweet Vibrations And Good Flowing-Energy To Just About Any Our Sweet Pots Utilize Traditional Ingredients And Includes Our Own Secret Ingredients.  Your Jar Will Be Packed Full Of Goodness!


    Kit Comes Complete With:

    8 - Fixed Candles

    1 - Ritual Oil Based On Desired Outcome

    2 – Ritual Petition Paper

    1 - Jar Of Sweets With Ritual Prepared Herbs.

    Full Instructions


    There Will Be Room Left In The Jar So That You May Add Personal Concerns.


    If You Would Like Us To Work The Jar On Our Altars Please Add To Checkout Or Message:

    Type Of Service

    Your Full Name, Date-Of-Birth (Also Names And D.O.B. For Anyone Involved), Information Regarding Your Situation, And What Your Goal Is For This Ritual.

    We Will Contact You If Additional Information Is Needed.