Full Moons At The Pit

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Bring Your Open Mind and Heart, Join Us At The GypsyWombman Shop

(527 Swift Street Chester, SC 29706)

for Our Seasonal Full Moon Meeting;

Meetings Start at 7:30pm Sharp

Focus Changes Every Gathering. 

Burning of Ancestor Money

Effective Petition Writing

Focus Groups

Healing Sessions

Sacred Movement Dancing

DIY - Hands on Learning How to Make Your Own.

Fly Hi Hookah Smoke

Snackz & Thottie Drinks

This is an opportunity to learn and vibe with like minds.

*Sunshine Meetings are held at The Pit 

**Rain Meetings are held inside The Shop

You are Welcome to bring a chair, pillows, blankets, journals, whatever you need to be comfortable.

*PLEASE bring a small personal item with you to place on The Community Altar*

RSVP ALWAYS Include Refreshments & Gypsy Swag Bags for Attendees.