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Introducing Nadiyah- adj.  Life, liberty as fresh as the morning dew.


Nadiyah is a bundle of energy oozing with love, an Indigo chile, empath, natural born healer, and intuitive. She specializes in creating a deep connection and the sacred space needed for emotional and energetic healing.

She is gifted in finding and "touching" the source of your pain, triggering emotions, blockages, and dis- ease. She takes you to it's origin, gives evidence as to how it is affecting your life and practical as well as magickal/metaphysical ways to heal it.

Nadiyah has a way about her, that makes you feel as if you've known her for years. Her hope is that everyone feels comfortable to just be.

She believes that every action should be a step towards healing and wholeness. Her Oracle cards and crystals are maps and bridges, and her intuition a lighthouse.

Working with Nadiyah will make you feel! She will sit with you, with what her reading brought up, offer you the support and tools to heal it.

Her mission is to help as many people as possible regain their personal power, so that they may LIVE truly all in their Magick.And Is Also Available For Both Readings And Soon Energy Healing Sessions At TheGypsyWombmanLLC


Her Intuitive Gifts Combined With Her Unparalleled Level Of Ancestral Knowledge And Training Give Your Reading Session A Depth Of Wisdom, Insight And Healing That Is Remarkably Effective.

Readings Are Available By Email, Phone & Skype

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