Herb Mix


Love Drawing - The Energy Of Your Sexuality With This Fragrant Herb Mix Focus Your Intentions And Attract More Love, Passion And Intimacy With Your Desired Lover And Make Yourself More Irresistible To Them.

Road Opener - Unblock All Problems And Bust Through Anything That Is Holding You Down!

Clear The Path To Open Road And Get Out Of Your Rut

 Spell Breaker - Kills All Plots Against You Or Spiritual Attacks Put On You By Your Enemies.

Break Away And Free Yourself From The Crosses, Curses, Jinx, And Spells That Hold You Back.

Money Drawing - Is Used To Attract Money And Financial Success

Business Flow - Increase Overall Business

7 African PowersFor Love, Money, Luck, Health, Protection, Power And Success

Court CaseWin Your Lawsuit And Keep The Law And Police Away From You For Good!

Win Your Case Or Get It Dropped.

Can Be Mixed With Our Herbal Bath Salts, Used To Dress Your Own Candles Or Create Your Own Magickal Concoctions.