Loose Herbal Incense Blends


 Loose Incense Blend

All Our Incense Blends Are All Natural And Made From Dried Herbs, Ground & Blended By Hand.

Each Blend Is Completely Unique And Made With The Best Quality Herbs, Carefully Selected For By Their Specific Elements.

Use It In Rituals To Strengthen Your Connection And Power Or As A Stand Alone Incense Whenever You Desire

 Incense Contains A Mixture Of Plants, Flowers, Leaves, Barks, Resin, Roots, Seeds, Ritual & Essential Oils 

Protection Burn to Cleanse Your Space of Negative Energies and Provide a Protective Covering for Your Environment

Divine Connection - Burn to Cleanse Space, Protect Yourself and Increase Connection During Spiritual Workings and Readings.

Cloak & Shield - Burn When Working to Provide a Protective Cloak And Shield (Invisibility) For Your Target

Supreme Love - Burn to Enhance the Power of Your Love Workings and to Create a Loving  Mood or Environment

Prosperity - Burn to Enhance the Power of Your Money Workings and to Draw in More Money

Business Flow - Burn to Increase Business Sales and Customer Flow

Win In Court - Burn to Enhance the Power of Your Court Workings and to Create a Justified Outcome In Your Favor

Road Opener - Burn to Remove Obstacles, Blockage, Open Paths

*Color Varies Batch to Batch*


You Will Receive A Glass Bottle Filled With The Incense Blend


*** Use A Fireproof Bowl, Plate Or Pot, Add Sand Or Salt, You Can Burn It On Charcoal Or Alone

Be Responsible

Do Not Leave Incense Burning Unattended