Maferefun Oshun Petite Spell Bottle

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Maferefun Oshun Charm

This Petite Spell Bottle Is 1" Filled With All Yeye Love!  

Oshun Is The Orisha Spirit Of Love, Beauty, Family Happiness, Fertility, Sensuality, Prosperity And All The Sweet Things In Life.

Connect With Her Using This Bottle To Ask Her Blessings In Your Life, Or Gift It To Her On Your Altar!

Individually Hand Made At The Appropriate Times, Sealed In An Eco Friendly Bottle Made From Recycled Glass With All Natural Ingredients And Blessed In Her Name.

Spell Bottles And Spell Jars Are A Classic Hoodoo Form Of Magic, Where The Jar Or Bottle Is Shaken To Connect With The Energy For Which It Was Created While A Specific Prayer Is Recited.