Money Drawing Spell Donation Service

Full Names, DOB, Intention

Money Drawing Service

To help increase money; gain employment, shift odds in gambling, abundance, success, wealth -any prosperity that YOU need!

We will work a loaded/fixed and dressed Novena Candle for the necessary amount of days depending on your specific needs.

We Have Hand Poured Our Candles And Filled Them With Organic Herbs & Roots, Natural Crystals, EVERYTHING Needed To Get The Desired Outcome And Can't WAIT To Work Them For You! We Will Dress Your Candle With An Oil Made By Us, According To Your Needs

Once spell is started you may receive job offers/promotion/raise, find change while out and about, be given money you weren’t expecting, win lottery monies, etc.… The Youniverse will respond to our intention, your need and your acceptance. Meaning pick up that penny off the ground, open those junk mail letters, answer private or unknown calls……… It’s the Youniverse Responding so Answer!

Our Candle Magick is a type of SpiRITUAL assistance passed down by our Family, Perfected and Exercised for many years. We pride ourselves in our work. My Sisters and I are looking forward to helping you.

A full report containing 5-10 photos will be emailed when the work is completed as well as a full detailed reading of the wax remains.

Wax Remains can be shipped to you for proper disposal on your own property.

For an additional fee you can be allowed to view live feed or video of this ritual.

Please provide Full Names, DOB, a photo and the details of your situation as well as your desired outcome when ordering in the space provided.

*Photos should be e-mailed to