• Palo Santo Necklace

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    Sweet Smelling Hand Carved Wooden Feather Necklace High Frequency Amulet

    Palo Santo Benefits Reach Far And Wide.

    It Has Been Called Magical, Mystical, Rare, Sacred, And Unique.

    This Fragrant Wood Is Highly Regarded Spiritually Amongst Shamans And Healers And Has Been Used In Sacred Rituals And For Purifying Purposes For Thousands Of Years By The Indigenous Peoples Of South America.

    It Is Very Popular Among Spiritual People All Over The World.

    This 3-5 inch Palo Santo Hand Carved Magick FeatherĀ 
    Its Sweet Smell Will Follow You

    Each Feather Is UNIQUE And Will Not Be The Same. All The Patterns On The Tree Are Completely Natural, Not Painted.
    Everything Was Created By MOTHER NATURE.
    Wear It With Love, And Vibrate Higher!