• Prosperity Box

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    Our Biggest Box, Full Of Money Drawing Magick

    It can be hard to find the items you need for a ritual.

    Even if you have everything, you may not know what to do with them.

    Our Sacred Spiritual Kits come with everything you need, as well as the instructions to complete the ritual.

    Hoodoo Prosperity Rice

    Hoodoo Road Opener Rice

    Money Drawing Oils - Pyrite, Lodestone, High John, Mansa Musa, Business Flow, Push Thru, Rich Wytch

    Ancestor Money, Gold Benji's, Hell Notes, 100 Dollar Joss Notes

    Laxmi Dhoop, Fast Luck, Road Opener, Attracts Money, Call Clients, Abundant Prosperity LIB

    Burner & Charcoal

    Corresponding Crystals

    Vial of Shredded Money

    Smudge It Peace & Prosperity Spray

    Money Soap

    Prosperity Bath 

    Gold Candles & Candle Dressing Herb Pack

    Altar Cloth (color varies)

    Decorative Box (color varies)