Ritual Dirt

Ritual Dirt

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In the Hoodoo Tradition, dirt (i.e. loose earth) is often an ingredient used in various spells, and workings because of ​The location, occurrences or spirit of place.

This refers to the belief that certain places are occupied by Spirits or Gods that can be petitioned or satisfied to bring about our goals and desires.

In the modern era it is now mostly understood as the energy which occupies a particular place.

This energy can be captured in the form of the dirt that occupies the place in question.

Genuine Ritual Dirt Respectfully Collected From Sacred And Private Institutions, Cleaned Of Any Contaminants, Sifted, And Packaged. We've Made This Available Because Not Everyone Has Means Or Access To Collect Their Own.

 Can be used to dress candles and lay tricks.


Please Select

 *  Bank-​ used to attract and keep money.

*  Casino​- for luck in gambling.

*  Courthouse-​ for success in legal proceedings, justice

*  Church-​ for spiritual protection and to work with positive spiritual forces.

*  Hospital​- for health and healing.

* Mall-for success in business

* Mental Hospital - to cause confusion

*Railroad - to attract or send away

*  Police Station-​ for protection

*  Post Office-​ for communications, sending / receiving messages

*  Sex Shop- for spells of lust, sex, and seduction 

*  Stadium- success in athletics and sporting competitions 

*  University- knowledge retention, success in school or college