Ritual Powder


Fly Hi - For Astral Travels & Prophetic Dreams

Business Flow - To keep a steady flow of business and good customers

Attraction - To attract your desires

Return 2 Sender - To reverse conditions

Win In Court - To sway justice in your favor

Steady Work - To keep things moving in your favor at work

Protection - Protection from harm

Get Money - Money Drawing 

Jinx - To cause misfortune

Supreme Love - Love Spell & Self Love

Pestle & Mortar Ground Herbs & Crystals

Our Powders Contain Our Signature Ritual Oils, Herbs, Roots, Barks, Petals, Sticks, Bones, Shells And Other Ingredients.

We Use Authentic Old Recipes Perfected By Our Ancestors

Each Is Handmade.

Our Products Are Never Made In A Factory Using Unnatural Color Dyes Like Many Others.

Organic Rice Flour Base

Powders can be used to dress candle, laying/sprinkling, blowing, drawing and skin safe for wearing 

Instructions for use included