• The Bruja Box


    The Bruja Box Is Packed With Witchy Self Care 

    Each Box Comes Packed To The Brim With:

    Hand Crafted:

    Body Scrub- Crafted With A Salt Blend, Dried Herbs, Essential Oils, And Carrier Oil Blend.

     Herbal Bath Soak- Crafted With Salt Blend, Baking Soda, Dried Herbs, And Essential Oils.

    Smudge Bundle- Bundles Are Made From Locally Bought Herbs And Some From My Garden.

    Aromatherapy Mist: Made From Moon Water (Crystal Infused Water Bathed In Full Moon Light, Essential Oils.

    Intuitively Created To Match Your Vibe.

    Crystals Hand Selected For Your Needs

    Hand Drawn Personal Power Sigil- It Will Be Drawn Just For You, And Never Reproduced.

    Hand Written Personal Empowerment Ritual.

     Something For Your Inner Child (Fun Bubbles, Coloring Pages etc)

    Palo Santo Sticks & Incense Cones/Sticks