• UnCroxxing TL Candle Set


    UnCroxxing Candles


    Sometimes, we work ourselves into circles and need some help out. Sometimes our own negative thoughts, along with negative words from others, drag us down to the point we can hardly pick ourselves back up. Uncrossing is a much over looked solution to a wide variety of problems.


     Break the cycle with a 7 day candle set. Our Handmade, Tea Light Candles Have Been Crafted Using Our Signature Oils, Then Brewed In Hand-Crushed Organic Herbs From Our Gardens, Natural Crystals Like Black Tourmaline And Other Hand-Prepared Secret Ingredients.


    Prepared Under A Waning Moon And Then Charged By New Moon With Intentions, To Get You The Best Results. Sure To Uncroxx Your Situation And Remove Negativity, Clean Your Slate And Remove Blockage For You!


    Delightful Aroma!


    Stock Up, They're A Super Deal! You Will Receive 7 Candles With Instructions And Now With Our Signature Ritual Petition Paper To Write Down Your Intentions 

    Herbs Can Ignite.

    Burn Only With Care & Supervision