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Vengeance Is Mine

This Is A Candle Magick Working That We Will Perform For You To Target Your Enemy. We Will Work A Special Ritual During A Waning Moon To Maximize Our Efforts.

We Will Be Using Our Very Own Hand Poured Candles Filled With Organic Herbs & Roots, Natural Crystals, A Coffin, Rusty Nails, And Old Fashioned Matches, Everything Needed To Get The Desired Outcome. We Will Dress Your Candle With Oil Made By Us, According To Your Needs And Work It Our Altar. Once The Ritual Is Complete It Will Be Buried In Our Graveyard.

This Ritual Provides Better Results With Extended Working Periods.

We Will Need The The Personal Effects Of The You Are Experiencing Issues With, Their Full Name, Dob And A Photo And Whatever You Can Provide.

This Powerful Candle Magick Working Will Bring The Success To Your Situation, By Bending The Elements Of The Youniverse In Your Favor!

Our Candle Magick Is A Type Of Spiritual Assistance Passed Down By Our Family, Perfected And Exercised For Many Years. We Pride Ourselves In Our Work. My Sisters And I Are Looking Forward To Helping You.

A Full Report Containing 5-10 Photos Will Be Emailed When The Work Is Completed As Well As A Full Detailed Reading Of The Wax Remains.


*Photos should be e-mailed to



Contact Us Before Purchase. This Item Requires A Reading And Contractual Agreement

Worked In-House