Vesta Powder

Vesta Powder

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Pestle & Mortar Ground Herbs & Crystals

Our Powders Contain Our Signature Ritual Oils, Herbs, Roots, Barks, Petals, Sticks, Bones, Shells And Other Ingredients.

We Use Authentic Old Recipes Perfected By Those Before Us. 

Each Is Handmade So Color May Vary By Batch  

Our Products Are Never Made In A Factory Using Perfume & Color Dyes Like Many Others.

Put Vesta Powder in an incense burner and light. The vesta powder will produce a quick flame followed by fog of smoke fumes to quickly release any bad vibrations, spirits or evil influences.
Sprinkle around the room where a ritual is to take place to strengthen the energies.
Keep powder away from heat. Store in a cool dry place. Do NOT Eat.

 *Sold as a Curio*