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Working With GypsyWombman Oils

AroMagick Ritual, Conjure, Conditioning, Manifestation Oils by GypsyWombman.
Fully Loaded with Hand Selected Botanicals (flowers, fruit herbs, Palo (Blessed wood), roots, etc) Curios (gold leaf, keys, Mica, dice, Copper etc), Natural Crystals and Lots of Goodies to aid in Your Magickal Success!
When You recieve your oils you'll want to form a relationship with each bottle. This can be done by "Speaking Life (Introducing yourself to the oil).
. Shake Very Well While Focusing On Your True INTENT.
 Pour a little in the palm of your hand and rub hands together while oils activate and warm, then "Go Off" just start touching what needs to be "TOUCHED"
Put a few drops behind your ears, on your neck on your third eye on your wrists & ankles, behind your knees, touch all pulse points and put oils in your hair
 Great for massages rub/massage yours & your lovers feet and hands
Add a few drops to body wash, shampoo, lotions
Add to laundry detergent, dish detergent.
In SpiRitual Baths, steams and foot soaks
Can be used in an oil burner/wax burner as well
Rub down door knobs, entry/exit ways
Rub on license plates wallets, purses, inside shoes
 At work rub down common areas, chairs, phones keyboards, registers etc
 Dress Candles
Bless scared items
 Give some to a friend
 Let Your Imagination, Intuition, Magick, Soul Guide You to Use In The Ways Right For You
*Watch Your Intentions Unfold

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