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Astrology 101 - Goddess Kumbaya Academy

Astrology 101 - Goddess Kumbaya Academy

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We will explore astrology's history and key concepts, from zodiac signs to planetary transits, throughout the 3 part course series.

You will acquire valuable knowledge and learn to apply it in daily life, fostering self-discovery and enhancing your foresight for significant events.


Who this course is for:

Beginning astrologers who want to learn the basic concepts and methods
of astrological analysis

For those interested in astrology

Those who like to predict and forecast events

Anyone who wants to start working as an astrologer and earn additional income


By taking the course you will acquire:

Skills in compiling a natal chart and interpreting its elements

Understanding of the influence of planets on character and events

Ability to determine compatibility between people through synastry

The ability to analyze key areas of life through the houses of the natal chart

Skill in predicting events through planetary transits


You will receive an Instant Download of Course Material & Streamyard Link for Unlimited Playback on All Classes