Venting Session

Venting Session

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Sometimes Life Happens and there's no one you trust to share with or even vent to. There maybe a lot going on in your head. This is an opportunity to speak to a Spiritualist, someone who's probably been through what your experiencing in a judge free zone to Release, Heal be Heard and to receive advice or a message from the Divine. It's Okay to Cry, it's Okay to express Yourself releasing is Good for Your Soul, It Will allow You to Heal. 

This service allows you to do just that. 

We're not psychologists or therapists, we're your Sister, Friend, Mother, Wife, Listening Ear. We're here to listen to you without judgement and Spiritually Aid you in solving your problems if needed. 

Sometimes you don't need a Reading you just need to vent so that you can Heal. 

All calls are comfortable & confidential. Schedule Your Session With Us Today!!! Choose Your Listener or We Will Divinely Select For You. 


30 Minutes or 1 Hour Session.


You Will Be Contacted And Have Your Questions Answered By A Spiritual Adviser

Comfortable Scheduled Conversation Discussing Your Path, Spells, Problems, Etc.... No Topic Off Limits.