Business Flow RO


Increase Revenue, Sales, Prosperity And Overall Better Business With Our Very Own Business Flow Ritual Oil. Oil Can Be Burned In An Oil Warmer. 

We Use it to Mop Or Clean Our Businesses Weekly, Rub Our Door Knobs And All Common Areas Of Our Businesses. 

Put a few drops in an oil burner daily, rub the oil on the door ways/knobs to your establishment to increase business and sales. 

Put a few drops in your cash drawer, on business cards flyers etc. 

It can also be used to dress a candle.

Rub your hands and feet before you go to work, and before you meet with clients. 

Write a petition and put oil on the 4 corners in a clockwise motion.  

Dress your mailbox, work vehicles, phones, anything!

Let The Spirits Guide You To Use This Oil In Your Own Ways