Cord Cutting Candle Ceremony

Cord Cutting Candle Ceremony

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Next Cord Cutting Ceremony will take place on April 6, 2023

 Please read full description to decide if this will help you. 


Cord cutting rituals are a form of energetic healing, practiced in many spiritual traditions. They are used to sever unhealthy energetic connections with people, objects, or ideas that may be hindering personal growth. This can free up space for new, healthier connections to enter the individual’s life.


A cord cutting is a way to release past traumas, negative energy, and blockages that prevent spiritual growth. By severing connections to the past and the people associated with it, you can clearly focus on your present journey. The ritual also clears the subconscious of any lingering unhealthy beliefs and mental patterns, allowing for true transformation. A cord cutting is particularly useful for those who feel lost or stuck. It gives an you an opportunity to start anew and forgive yourself for past mistakes. The process of releasing old attachments can be empowering for spiritual growth. By cutting the cords of our past, we can draw closer to our higher selves.

can be used to server All Ties, including:

Love Binds





Purpose of Love and relationship Cord cutting Ritual:
 a powerful ritual that can help to resolve residual emotions from previous relationships and create space to attract healthier, more positive relationships into your life. By cutting past ties, you are severing the energetic connection between the two of you and allowing both parties to be free of their past. Not only can this be beneficial to both parties, but it can also help to raise your own internal vibration and better align you with the love that you truly desire. Doing this ritual will open up space to create meaningful relationships with healthy boundaries going forward. Releasing you from all emotional and spiritual connections with your past lovers. Cord cutting ritual will also help bring awareness and help to heal past trauma and create energetic protection to keep out jaded emotions and hurtful patterns.



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