Money Drawing Oils


A Blend Of Powerful Botanicals, Natural Gemstones And Other Secret Magick Ingredients To Use In Your Spiritual Practices To Attract Good Luck In Money Matters, Increase Cash Flow, Financial Gain, Good Fortune, Successful Employment, Business Growth, Wealth, Abundance, Prosperity And To Draw More Money And Maintain It In Your Life From Positive Sources. Constantly Self Charges With Each Shake. We Love To Anoint Our Front Door Once A Week With This Oil To Increase Prosperity And Continuous Cash Flow Into Our Shops And Homes. We Also Anoint All Our Cash Bills In Our Wallets To Ensure That Money Will Always Return To Us Three-Fold. Each Sacred Ritual Oil Formulation Is Carefully Hand-Blended And Alchemically Prepared With Focused Intent In Sacred Space And Blessed You Your Desired Outcome.