• Smudge It Spray


    4 OZ 

    Our Smudge It Spray

    An All-Natural Way To Cleanse Your Personal Space And Self Of Negativity. It Is Perfect For Those Times When You Can't Burn Sage Or Palo Santo. Just Spray A Little On Yourself And Or Around You, Set Some Positive Intentions, Breathe Easy And Go About Your Day.

    I Especially Love This In My Purse For A Shopping Trips, Elevator Rides, Anytime People Invade My Personal Space.


    Our Sprays Are Mentally Stimulating And Help To Strengthen Protection And Cleanse The Vital Centers Of The Body, Balancing Your Aura, Chakra & Emotions Dissipating Negative Energies.


    We Have Taken Time To Research And Come Up With Combinations To Serve The Purpose The Spray Is Created For




    Peace + Love Crystal Charged Moon Water, Rose, Clary Sage, Sweet Grass, Eucalyptus Essential Oil & Corresponding Herbs


    Peace + Prosperity Crystal Charged Moon Water, Cedar, Black Sage, Violet, Mint, Patchouli, Jezebel Root, And Essential Oils High John

    Peace + NRG Crystal Charged Moon Water, Blood Orange Oil, Lavender, Sage, Hibiscus, Mint, And Essential Oils