• True Ancestor Money


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     True Ancestor Money 

    ***Now One-Sided So You Can Write Your Petition On The Back

    (You Will Receive 20 Peaces) Worth 1000 Deeds Each

    In Ancient Cultures​, The Dead (Especially One’s Own Ancestors) Are Given Gifts Of Spirit Money To Pay Debts.

    Our Ancestors Are Then Able To Get Things They Need In The Spirit World By Trading Our Deeds, Burning Ancestor Money Dissolves Financial & Spiritual Debt That They May Have Incurred While On Earth. Which, In Turn, Allows The Ancestors To Help You More With The Things You Need And Want.

    Our Money Is Created To Be Burned In A Ritual Setting

    Instructions For Use Included.

     We Were Moved To Create And Print Our Own Ancestor Money To Honor Our Ancestors With Money That Looks Like Them 

    Add A Powerful Boost To Your Magickal Workings And Rituals